Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Relevant Reply From Our Senator

Dear Kini,

Thank you for contacting me to share your concerns about the welfare of hens kept in cramped, so-called "battery cages."  I appreciate hearing from you. 

I have heard from many Oregonians concerned about the treatment of egg-laying hens confined in such battery cages on factory farms throughout the country.  Hens caged in such confined spaces, unlike free-range hens or hens kept in large cages, have little space to move properly and spread their wings. 

I certainly take these concerns seriously.  As you may know, the Oregon state legislature recently passed a bill, Senate Bill 805, which requires egg-laying hens more room in their cages. 

Please know that I will monitor this issue at the federal level.  Should federal legislation dealing with battery cages come before the Senate for a vote, I will be sure to consider it with your views in mind. 

Thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts with me.  I hope you will keep sending your observations and thoughts my way.

All my best,

Jeffrey A. Merkley
United States Senator

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