Thursday, October 4, 2012


My girlfriend is a cop in Napa and she is a bully.

she looks like a he....that's are you all alone

Can't you imagine her fat ass crying in a tiny, whiney, little girl voice, to her police buddies "oooooo. She took my dog! Are you guys going to let her get away with that? Aren't you going to save me?" 

I really don't know why you are so dangerous or why you went to a mental hospital..what was your diagnosis

DO YOU HAVE AN ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEM..????? I don't see why everyone hates you..for what??? bad attitude?

cuz I don't wanna fuck their American men

They don't like me cuz I sued the _ _ _ _ out of them and they know I'm right. Then, I ping it all over the world for other officials to see what they do to women.
The Animal Activists Ask And Tell Me To Call The Police

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

I asked her if anything happened to her in the line of duty if I could have her teeth.

But, then I realized she had them wolf fangs going on.

She said NO but I could have her fat ass

she is a big girl...

Yep. Big and F A T

That's what happens when you become a bully, you become self-loathing then you eat and eat and eat to cover up the hatred.

what can I about changing the subject

I wish you better days certainly are tough and a fighter

It's the kinda thing you can say about your mother but if anyone else says it, they are in trouble. Know what i mean

My family (The family) is really wealthy from selling nonferrous metals. They live in Black Hawk (Danville), Piedmont in Oakland. They have everything they've ever wanted including my $100g

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