Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cry Until You Are Blue In The Face. We Don't Care!

Obama has urged the cooperation among law enforcement and declared that "...soul searching" is needed throughout the country in the hopes that we get to the bottom of exactly what happened in the Trayvon Martin case.

But we all know the powers and the perils of federal, state and local bullies who use state-sanctioned violence, sadism, barbarism, and insults created and intended with malice to dehumanize American citizens.

To figure out exactly how this tragedy happened federal, state and local refuse to look into the pattern of police abuse and the use of deadly force this author has screamed about since 1994.  Consciously and/or unconsciously, the humiliation and punishment for this author making it her choice to restore her integrity, community respect, and honor has backfired and now America will reap the consequences for allowing the police abuse and brutality to continue.

Although One of the most fundamental of all human rights is that humans be treated equally before the law. The indespicable case now pending in the Inter-American Court has been going on for 25 years. The silence in the face of her injustice is reprehensible allowing the sickness to spread like a viral deadly disease.

It's about getting away with flouting civil and human right violations in our faces.The use of their criminal intimidation abusing power to make it appear powerful while using power to extort and exploit our fears. 

If American citizens would have gotten to the root of the evil in the first place, the current abuses would not have taken place and they would have ended a long, long, time ago. But left ignored, the viral deadly disease has taken it's toll for many.  Left dead from suicide or law enforcement abuse, accept the consequences for refusing to pledge, "justice for all."

Lori Peterson:
I have repeatedly demanded that these annoying and bizarre emails stop.  However, this spammer doesn't respect boundaries.  Instead, she escalates the harassment.   Therefore, I'm at the point of taking legal action.  If anyone else on this list is being harassed by her, please let me know.  Also, I ask you to share any information about this spammer that may be helpful.  Thank you.

Nobody wants to hear your sick ranting.   I will be contacting law enforcement.  Have fun in jail, psycho.

Oh, and if you contact me again, I will share this latest insane rant with everyone on your email list.

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